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German Asylum Yard

It’s just a drop in the bucket. But the idea of building a home for the poorest is growing in me. The basic idea is there, now it’s about developing concrete steps.

Skizze of a Yard

german asylum yard

compound for 8 person/small families
Eight accommodations are planned around an inner courtyard for young Gambians. 4 houses of 8 x 5 meters (40 m²) and 4 houses of 6 x 5 m (30 m²). Shower and toilet are in the yard. Likewise a hotplate. This hotplate comes with a stove that offers an efficient use of firewood. In addition to a rent of 0.80 Dalasi per m², the tenants undertake to keep the courtyard clean. The houses and the courtyard are maintained by all tenants, mutual help is a matter of course.
The community works like an extended family. Thus, the oldest person is also the arbitration board in the event of discrepancies. By signing the lease, everyone agrees to the rules of this community. No person may be discriminated against because of their beliefs, origins or sexual identity. The protection of the house must not be violated by anyone.
A house keeper should collect the rental income and, if necessary, receive repair orders. Due to the high level of unemployment, tenants receive a credit of 9.60 Dalasi per m². If this credit line is reached, it will be terminated. Every tenant should be able to make advance payments if the work situation is good.
Credit examples:
House with 30 m² = 3456 Dalasi
House with 40 m² = 4608 Dalasi
The house keeper has to keep a complete record of all income.

The first project will start in Busumbala, a second in Brikama.

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  1. Bying a Plot in Farato, near Busumbala, will cost at moment € 6.600. For the Credits to the tenants € 600. The cost for building a house i have to investigate. For a fountain, another € 1000. Stand now: € 8.200.

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